What is International yogacon USA?

International YogaCon USA is a comprehensive Yoga Conference that aims to procure wellness & cultivate positivity in today’s challenging times & help people combat pandemic stress. Not just this, but it is a virtual month-long celebration to mark the “International Yoga Day.”

Date:  Starting from 5th June 2021
Fees:  Free but registration is mandatory

Key elements of the Conference

  • First-ever global conference organized by AAYM
  • 50 different programs spread over 4 weekends are distributed into 4 categories as-
  1. Webinars
  2. Yoga sessions
  3. Workshops
  4. Spiritual discourses
  • 90 eminent presenters that include the top Scientists, Physicians, Spiritual Gurus, Yoga therapists, Researchers, Academicians, Celebrities, Sportsmen, and Yoga Schools.
  • Representation from India, USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, Gulf countries, and South America.

Topics of Talk in the Conference

  • Yoga & Resilience
  • Brahma Kumari
  • Role of Yoga post COVID
  • Yoga & Technology
  • Inclusion of Yoga in Medical Curriculum
  • Yoga in Cardiovascular & other complex diseases
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Yoga in Depression
  • Yoga for Addiction Management

And many more

Although yoga & meditation have been around for centuries, there’s still something we know very little about-
The science behind it!

To help you get acquainted with this lesser-known knowledge & explore the science behind yoga & mediation, American Academy of Yoga & Meditation brings to you ‘International YogaCon USA 2021’.

Register for this international conference where you will discover a plethora of information under the guidance of eminent doctors & researchers from across the globe.

This conference is free to attend but with mandatory prior registration.

Here is the link – https://www.aaymonline.org/yogacon-usa/

Get ready to discover the science behind yoga & meditation with a number of engaging webinars in the month of June.

American Academy of Yoga & Meditation is bringing to you a virtual & comprehensive conference –
‘International YogaCon USA 2021’

Register yourself to witness this experience with some eminent speakers from all around the world.

Note – The fees for these webinars is simply a free registration.
Registration link: https://www.aaymonline.org/yogacon-usa/

Our Mentors

Dr H R Nagendra
Maharaja Dr Karan Singh
Dr David Frawley
Ms. Nivedita Bhide

‘A humble appeal to endure this blissful conference’

Dr. Indranil Basu Ray

Chairman, AAYM

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