Enhancing the lives of children with ADHD and Autism

Week - 4 Webinars

Yoga and The Mahavratas

Institutionalization of Yoga

Yoga Therapy

Yoga for Cardio Vascular Diseases

Investing in Integrative Healthcare

Yoga in Women’s Health


Execllence at work with Meditation Kaarthikeyan

Yoga in Depression and Schizophrenia

Digital Media and Yoga

Kriya Yoga

Week - 3 Webinars

Corporate Responsibility and Yoga

Role of Yoga in Prevention and management of Cardiovascular Diseases

Mind Eat

Kriya Yoga

Karma Yogi: Tribute to COVID 19 Warriors

Role of Yoga in Hypertension

Advanced Postural Yoga

Pain management with Yoga

Role of Yoga in the management of Addiction

Yoga for fitness

Karma Yoga

Meditation as a psychosocial intervention- Need of the hour

Yoga for Neuro Rehab (Stroke)

Iyengar Yoga

Week - 2 Webinars

Mechanistic View of Yoga in terms of ANS and Genetics

Inclusion of yoga in medical curriculum

Prevention and Management of Diabetes

The Yoga of Love

Yoga in Complex Diseases

Obesity and Diabetes Management with Yoga


Yoga for Chronic Pain

Yoga in Pregnancy – Garbha Sanskara

Mind Sound Resonance Technique

Karma Yoga for the Earth

Role of technology in the science of yoga

Effect of Yoga in Stress And Aging

Yoga for Joint Pains

Week - 1 Webinars

Yoga And Conflict Management

Epidemiology Of POST COVID-19 And Effect Of Yoga

Happiness And Wellbeing With BK Shivani

Yoga Therapy

Adversity, Resilience And Yoga

Cancer – An Integrative Approach

Common Yoga Protocol Session