Arun Budhiraja is a fine blend of Ancient Wisdom and Modern-Day reality. An Indologist at heart, Arun holds the ancient wisdom of India in high regard.
Arun let his heart rule his head again to set up the Krishna Prerna Charitable Trust in 2006.
He founded Ayushman India Foundation in 2016. He has been deeply influenced by Guruji- Dr H.R Nagendra, Chancellor, S-VYASA University from whom he learnt to validate all health focused interventions with scientific evidence. Immersion in Vrindavan embedded in him the codes of Sewa Bhaav deeply.
Recognised as an “ideas” man, Arun uses his passion for Indian wisdom combined with a childlike spontaneity to envision experiential immersive modalities. Arun is also a certified yoga instructor from S-VYASA University.