Dr. Rima Dada

Dr Rima Dada did MBBS from MAMC and Post graduation (MD) from UCMS and PhD from AIIMS, N Delhi.

She is presently working as Associate Professor at AIIMS and is actively involved in both teaching, research, genetic diagnostic and counseling services. She is offering genetic diagnostic services in several clinical conditions-infertility, ART failure, endocrinal disorders, hypogonadism, glaucoma, genital ambiguity, premature ovarian failure, recurrent spontaneous abortions, oculoplastic disorders like BPES, Myelodysplastic syndrome and leukemia.

She is combining techniques of Reproductive medicine and Molecular biology to provide genetic diagnosis, counselling to infertile couples and couples who opt for Assisted Reproduction and who experience In Vitro fertilization (IVF) failure. She has also conducted research at Marine Biological Station (Japan) where she learned Micromanipulatioon of blastocysts , gametes, gamete cryoconservation and whole embryo in situ hybridization to study pattern of gene expression and regulation. For last 10 years she is working on both nuclear and mitochondrial genome identifying mutations and correlating with the phenotype in infertile men and women. She is also working on oxidative stress and its imapact on nuclear and mt DNA. This is especially very relevant in this era of ART as these are a very important diagnostic and prognostic marker. Since last 3 years she has started work on genetics of various ocular disorders like cataract, glaucoma and oculoplastic syndromes.

She has received one national and three International awards for her work on Molecular and genetic aspects of Infertility and has published her work (65 papers) in both National and International Indexed Journals and has over 15 chapters in books and 12 chapters in DBT/NAMS workshop manual. She has won 5 awards in national conferences (ICMR Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize, GP Talwar Gold medal, Rashtriya Gaurav Award) and three international awards for her work on genetic aspect of infertility. She has strong interest in genetic (nuclear and mitochondrial genome) of sperm development, motility and associated fertilization and embryo growth. She has worked as resource scientist in 7 DBT workshops on Prenatal and Postnatal diagnosis of Genetic disorders from 2000-07. She is Chief Investigator of 7 (DBT-1/ICMR-2/CSIR-1/AIIMS-3) and Coinvestigator of 4 projects (DBT-1/ICMR-3)